BiographyCarol Alite: John Alite Wife Bio And Wiki 2023

Carol Alite: John Alite Wife Bio And Wiki 2023


Learn about John Alite’s love life, which got pretty complicated due to his involvement in organized crime. He first got married to Carol Alite in Hawaii in 1989, but they broke up because John kept cheating. 

Even though they had two kids, Jimmy and Chelsea Alite, the marriage didn’t last. Things got messier during Junior’s trial in 2009 when John admitted to cheating, making their relationship even harder. 

Explore John Alite’s romantic story, from the problems in his first marriage to his second one with Claudia DiPippa. It’s a tale of love, betrayal, and lasting consequences in the world of crime.

Who Is Carol Alite?

Carol Alite was the first wife of John Alite. John Alite got married to Carol Alite back in 1989, but things didn’t work out, and they ended up getting a divorce. 

The main reason for their split was that John was cheating on Carol regularly. Even though they had two kids together, John’s unfaithfulness made their relationship really tough.

John Alite Wife Bio And Wiki

John Alite, who has been convicted of a crime, got married for the first time in Hawaii in 1989 to a woman named Carol Alite. His childhood friend John A. Gotti Jr., also known as Junior, was there as a witness when they got married. 

However, their marriage didn’t go well, and things turned sour. Later, during Junior’s trial for organized criminal activities in 2009, John Alite admitted to regularly cheating on Carol. 

This revelation about his unfaithfulness came out while he was testifying in court. The admission added more strain to their troubled marriage.

Before John and Carol decided to end their marriage, they had two kids together—a boy named Jimmy and a girl named Chelsea Alite. 

Things didn’t work out, and during Junior’s trial in 2009, Carol even went to court to talk about their relationship. She mentioned that John owed $30,000 in child support payments for their kids.

After his first marriage ended, John married again, this time to Claudia DiPippa. She’s the sister of someone associated with the Gambino group. The couple supposedly has two kids together, continuing to build their family.

John Alite’s Controversial Marriages

John Alite’s marriages have caused a lot of talk, with a couple of unions and accusations of cheating. His first marriage to Carol Alite back in 1989 ended in a breakup after he admitted to regularly being unfaithful. 

They had two kids, but John’s cheating made their relationship tough. His second wife, Claudia DiPippa, is related to someone connected with the Gambino group, and they also have two kids. 

Even though people have questioned his marriages, John’s personal choices show how tangled his life has been in organized crime.

Despite all the talk about his relationships, John Alite has changed his life around. Now, he works as a motivational speaker and speaks out against organized crime. 

He shares his experiences and what he knows about the criminal world in different places, like in the Netflix docuseries Fear City. This show talks about the harsh truths of the Italian-American mafia in the 70s and 80s.

John Alite’s Criminal Past

John Alite has a serious history of doing bad things. He was part of the Gambino crime family, a well-known mafia group, and did a lot of violent stuff. 

This includes two murders, eight shootings, planning to murder four times, and robbing with a weapon two times. He was really violent, hurting at least six people and attacking more than 100 others using a baseball bat.

Because of his crimes, he went to jail a few times, getting sentences from three to ten years. But he decided to help the police by giving them information, so he got shorter sentences. 

Even though he had a troubled past, now he talks to people to motivate them and keep them from getting involved in organized crime.

John Alite’s Contribution To Netflix’s Fear City

John Alite, who used to work for the Gambino crime family, played a big part in the show Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia. He shared a lot about his past crimes and experiences in the mafia.

He talked about how the Five Families worked together more for making money than fighting among themselves. 

By sharing his own experiences, Alite showed how powerful and influential the Italian-American mafia was in the 1970s and 1980s.

His stories in the series make it more real and help viewers understand how the mafia really worked and the secrets they kept.

You can watch Fear City on Netflix to see Alite’s surprising stories about his double life and the big world of organized crime.


So, to sum it up, John Alite’s love life had a lot of problems because he was involved in organized crime. His first marriage with Carol Alite didn’t work out because he cheated, even though they had two kids. 

It got even worse during Junior’s trial in 2009 when John admitted to cheating, making their relationship harder. Moving on to his second marriage with Claudia DiPippa, the story shows how love, betrayal, and consequences play out in the criminal world. 

John Alite’s story gives us a look at the tough personal side of being in organized crime, and how it affects relationships and people.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carol Alite

How Did John Alite’s Marriages Contribute to His Controversial Personal Life?

John Alite’s marriages added controversy to his life due to cheating and connections to the Gambino crime family. His first marriage ended in divorce, and marrying Claudia DiPippa further linked him to organized crime.

What Were the Specific Criminal Activities That John Alite Was Involved In?

John Alite admitted he did two murders, eight shootings, planned four murders, and robbed twice using a weapon. He has hurt at least six people and attacked over 100 with a baseball bat.

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