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Giving Away Company Merchandising To Workers


Giving away company merchandising to your workers may seem crappy, but it encourages a feeling of belonging and helps improve the good atmosphere at work.

Traditionally, making a company’s merchandising products seemed like something meant to be given away to customers. However, giving away this type of product to employees is an increasingly used technique to foster a feeling of belonging to the organization and improve productivity and a good atmosphere at work.

Thus, it is becoming more and more common in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to give away merchandising products as a welcome pack when a new worker joins the workforce. For example, t-shirts with the company logo printed on the chest, or mugs, pens, and notebooks.

As they explain from Capchase in Cinco Días, giving merchandising products to workers creates in them “a feeling of belonging and transmits the company’s culture”. Along the same lines, Cabify explains that this technique serves to “generate commitment among the team. That these gifts are so well received is a sign that they feel the company is theirs and it shows with pride that they work for it”.

In addition, giving your employees merchandising shirts is not just a detail to increase their feeling of belonging to the organization. It also serves as a kind of comfortable uniform, which the company provides to its staff so that they work as comfortably as possible.

However, you must be clear that giving a t-shirt to your company’s workers is not enough. Obviously, you will have to launch other types of social actions and benefits so that the staff feels proud to wear “your colors” and carry the logo of your march wherever they go outside of their working hours.

Be Careful Not To Turn Your Company Into A Cult

Formulas such as giving merchandising to your staff can be very useful when it comes to improving the feeling of belonging to the company and creating a corporate culture around your business. However, the line between the former and turning your company into a cult is very fine.

Although the motivation for the project and the feeling of trust with colleagues and bosses are fundamental aspects of the retention of talent, some companies end up exceeding the limits to blur the border between the individual and the organization itself. Something that, in the opinion of mental health experts, can trigger serious problems.

These techniques are used by companies on a regular basis, regardless of the activity sector to which they belong or their size. Some of them can occur unconsciously, so it is necessary to know them in advance to stop them in your company as soon as possible.

The control of the personal environment, maintaining the highest levels of demand, creating slogans that workers repeat daily as a rallying cry, and passing off as normal what is something strange from the outside, are some of the situations that you should avoid in your company if you don’t want to turn your organization into a cult. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving Away Company Merchandising To Workers

What are branded gifts for employees?

1. Give the gift of time.

2. Give the gift of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Give the gift of education.

4. Give the gift of travel.

5. Give the gift of entertainment.

6. Give the gift of a new relationship.

7. Give the gift of friendship.

8. Give the gift of professional development.

9. Give the gift of creativity.

10. Give the gift of community.

What are company merchandise ideas for workers?

1. Print your business cards on canvas prints.

2. Create custom-printed t-shirts, coasters, and mugs with your logo.

3. Distribute branded USBs and pens at conferences and events.

4. Have your staff print their own business cards.

5. Get a photo booth to create professional photos for social media.

6. Employee giveaways.

7. T-shirts with company logos or messages.

8. Stickers.

9. Coffee mugs.

10. Lunchboxes.

What are company retreat gift ideas?

1. Customize a travel photo album for your employees.

2. Give a “no frills” spa day with personalized massages, facials, and more.

3. Send a box of locally made goodies from local vendors or an awesome local brewery.

4. Give everyone a personalized tote bag.

5. Provide a weekend getaway where they can unwind and relax with a good book, movie, or music playlist.

6. Host an offsite day at a nearby amusement park.

7. Get everyone together for a team-building event.

8. Plan a trip to the spa for a team-building exercise.

9. Give everyone a small, personalized gift, like a personalized pen, key chain, or mugs.

10. Offer a free, full body

11. Bring a fun activity to help get everyone involved in your company culture.

12. Show your gratitude through food, drink, or art.

13. A thoughtful company gift can be a great way to get employees to interact.

14. A coffee bar is a great way to introduce new products or services.

What is corporate merchandise?

1. Corporate merchandise is when companies sell stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with their business. Examples include McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, Starbucks cups, and Nike shoes.

2. A lot of corporations make fun of this kind of marketing but it’s a big deal for them.

3. You can buy some stuff in company-branded stores (Apple Store, Nike store), and they also sell merch in their offices (Starbucks, Google).

4. It’s not always bad though because some of these companies are run by people who actually care about their customers.

5. Some corporate merchandise is good, like the official Coke glasses that you can buy at the airport.

What are swag boxes for employees?

1. Swag boxes are a great way to promote healthy habits, get people to share ideas, and encourage collaboration.

2. Swag boxes are also a fun way to reward your employees.

3. Swag boxes can be used to distribute office supplies or any other type of swag.

4. Swag boxes can be used at all stages of the sales funnel.

5. Swag boxes are a great way to get people involved in your culture and brand.

What are corporate swag bag ideas?

1. Create your own branded products to give to employees and clients.

2. Give gifts to employees based on company culture, not the title.

3. Give employee recognition gifts that speak to how you value their contribution.

4. Include company-branded items in your swag bags.

5. Include your company logo on all promotional materials.

6. Gather inspiration from the latest trends.

7. Make sure your bags are durable, practical, and will last.

8. Consider personalizing it with your company logo and branding.

9. Don’t forget to pack some fun items, too!

10. Make sure you have everything you need, so you can be prepared if something breaks or runs out.

What is swag for small businesses?

1. A business card holder for your desk that doubles as a place to store cards and paper notes.

2. A little gift bag for each customer on your doorstep.

3. Your own custom-printed business cards to hand out to new contacts.

4. Your own branded notebook to keep track of client details.

5. Your own branded tumbler.

6. A sticker with your company logo to stick to a laptop or phone case.

7. A small logo pen and bottle of ink.

8. A personalized mug with your logo.

9. A branded umbrella.

10. A business lunch kit: water, coffee, and a box of chocolates.


It was a simple but effective way to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales. Not only did it cost little to implement, but it also made for a nice gesture to employees who have shown loyalty to your company. The benefits of a loyalty program are well-documented: it increases customer satisfaction, builds brand loyalty, and strengthens employee morale.


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