Our Team

Business Instruct Team

Ivan Alex

Marketing and Branded Content Editor

Ivan Alex has written many articles about how small businesses work, especially about money and hiring people. He's also written about paying employees, getting money for small businesses, and advertising. Apart from these important business things, Ivan also writes about making companies better places to work, making social media pages for businesses better, and picking the right way to set up small businesses.

Vera R. Rock

Content Writer

Vera R Rock has been writing about startups for 6 years. She's good at noticing details and loves business stories. Her writing teaches and encourages new business people to try new things.

Abdullah Saim

Senior Content Writer

Abdullah is a trained accountant who loves to write. When he's not assisting clients in finding financial chances, you can see her writing, going outside and having coffee. He has also spent time with wealthy and well-known people from different countries, learning about the private lives of rich celebrities.

Shahzaib Ali

SEO Expert

SEO expert with over 6 years in content writing and editing. Transitioned from a career in live theater. Love to write about Biographies of different celebrities and wanna talk about their actual net worth. Passionate about the nuances of language and its power to convey experience and purpose – the heart of why I'm drawn to SEO.