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The Benefits Of Dark Kitchens If You Have A Restaurant


Ghost kitchens are key in the home catering business, but not all of them work the same. There are specialized, multi-brand, with their own delivery service.

Dark Kitchens, also known as Ghost Kitchens, are increasingly consolidated in the restaurant market. These establishments without physical customers, which can operate as virtual brands, already constitute 17% of Deliverect’s customers in Spain, an international company that simplifies online order management for more than 20,000 restaurants in 40 markets.

But internationally, the numbers are rising, with Dark Kitchens accounting for more than 24% of Deliverect’s customers – that’s a quarter of its portfolio. A fundamental part of an industry, that of home catering, which according to a study by BusinessWire, will generate more than 154,000 million dollars in 2023.

The rise of these virtual establishments occurred in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its implementation skyrocketed as a way to compensate for the drop in turnover of traditional restaurants (in fact, a recent study puts the losses caused by not having an online presence in the sector at 20%), and it soon took off on its own. To the point that a year later, the orders served by these virtual establishments almost doubled (from 1.4 million to 2.6 million).

But worldwide its growth was even more remarkable: it went from 3 million to more than 15. So far in 2022, orders in our country exceed the figures for all of 2020 (more than 1.6 million), while worldwide 20 million orders to these Ghost Kitchens are about to be reached. According to data from Uber Eats, in 2023, they are expected to generate more than 1,300 million euros in our country alone.

Types Of Dark Kitchens

There is not, however, a single type of Virtual Kitchen. They can be traditional, that is, usually unique and specialized in a specific type of cuisine, the most common being hamburgers, Asian food, and fried chicken (and with distribution depending on external delivery services).

There are multi- brands, in which the same parent company manages several types of kitchens in the same space, with the consequent savings in operating costs.

There are also takeaways, similar to the traditional ones, but, in this case, with their own delivery service for customers. In the event that they are owned by an aggregator, these are spaces prepared by delivery providers with the aim of renting them to restaurants (in the case of being owned by an aggregator plus, it adds additional services, which may even include a showcase of products). Finally, there are the subcontracted ones, in which the workers only put the finishing touches on the meals, and are customer-oriented.

The typical client of these establishments is usually a millennial very familiar with the digital profile of these services, which tends to manage very well with the different apps ( more than 54% request their orders in this way ), and is eager to try affordable elaborations of different types of cuisine to then share their impressions with reviews and comments on the other social networks.

In this sense, Dark Kitchens have to ensure their online presence to increase their turnover, thanks to the repercussion they gain through the reviews of their clients. Thanks to its momentum, the home catering industry is expected to grow by 8.29% per year, to exceed 500,000 million dollars in 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Benefits Of Dark Kitchens If You Have A Restaurant

What is dark kitchen?

The best kitchen cabinet is always the one that suits you the most. This kitchen cabinet can be called dark kitchen if you don’t like the bright color, but it can also be called dark kitchen if you like the dark color. For this reason, this kitchen cabinet is not just called the dark kitchen, but also the dark kitchen.

What is dark kitchen startup?

Dark Kitchen startup, the newest startup from the founders of Instacart, is designed to reinvent the grocery shopping experience and empower customers to become healthier cooks by providing better food for less money. At Dark Kitchen startup, you can browse thousands of recipes, cook meals, and check the nutritional content of every ingredient for free.

As the number one online recipe box platform in America, Dark Kitchen startup has transformed the way people shop for groceries and get great, healthy recipes delivered to their door for less. With a mission to empower the next generation of cooks, Dark Kitchen startup connects consumers with fresh ingredients, meal ideas, and health and wellness insights.

What is a dark kitchen concept?

This one is really easy to answer. The dark kitchen concept is simple, lets people discover and purchase products on their mobile devices without the need for a computer. A dark kitchen is a new way of shopping that uses your mobile phone as a portal to search, discover, compare and buy online.

What are dark kitchen examples?

You may have heard about the term dark kitchens—the idea behind them is that restaurants can save money by not having to light up all the kitchens. A dark kitchen helps the restaurant owner save money and energy without sacrificing the quality of the food. A dark kitchen allows the owners to have a great night of partying while having a much lower energy bill. This article explains some of the ways a dark kitchen can benefit both restaurant owners and customers.

Dark kitchen vs cold kitchen?

When you think of a “dark kitchen” you probably think of something gloomy and cold. You might think of a basement or even a dungeon. In contrast, when you think of a “cold kitchen” you probably think of a sunny kitchen filled with white walls, bright sunlight, and lots of sunshine. Both are kitchens, and both are dark, but they are not the same. Here are the top 5 differences between a “dark kitchen” and a “cold kitchen”.

Dark kitchen business model?

Are you ready to get up from your desk and get started on a side hustle to earn extra money? Maybe it’s time to go dark. A “dark kitchen” is a type of business model that allows entrepreneurs to operate their businesses without having to be physically present. With a dark kitchen business model, you have a storefront—usually an online presence—but you only need to be online when necessary. The rest of the time, you’re not spending money, marketing, or growing your business. You’re saving money.

Dark kitchen business plan?

You can make money selling what you already have: Your home. By renting out your basement, attic, garage, shed, or any space in your home or apartment, you can earn extra cash without having to commit to buying a new property. Even better, you can use what you already have—like a spare bedroom or office space—to set up shop. A dark kitchen business plan? Yes, you read that right. Check out our free guide to get started today.

Because this is a dark kitchen business plan that does not give one a clear picture of what is required to create the product. It simply says “This is what we need to make”.

What is dark kitchen business?

Dark kitchen businesses are a good place to start a home business. There is a lot of competition, but there are ways to get around it and be successful. The dark kitchen business is a concept that will allow you to make money by doing something that you love.

What is the concept of the dark kitchen?

The concept of the Dark Kitchen is not only to create the best recipes in your kitchen but also to use the best ingredients to give you a healthy and delicious lifestyle.

Why are kitchens dark?

Are you one of those people who feel guilty when they’re eating foods that are bad for them? Do you think that you have to eat healthily all the time? What about when you’re out with friends, or you want to bring some food to your next business meeting? Don’t worry, because a dark kitchen is here to solve all your problems! There are no rules when it comes to dark kitchens. 

There’s nothing wrong with eating junk foods, and you’re not required to avoid them. With a dark kitchen, you get to enjoy a delicious snack at a party without feeling guilty about it. There are even a few different kinds of dark kitchens available.

Some are meant for parties, others for everyday use. But if you’re looking for a solution that is both versatile and reliable, you’re in the right place. We’ve got everything you need to make a quick meal using a dark kitchen. The best part is that our products don’t require refrigeration, so you can have some delicious treats even if you’re not at home. 

What is the difference between a ghost kitchen and a dark kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, dark kitchens whatever you want to call them are everywhere today. But why do so many people get a bad taste in their mouths when they hear the term? We’ve got some information here about what ghost kitchens are, and what you need to know if you want to make sure yours is the best.

How do dark kitchens operate?

A dark kitchen is considered to be one of the most popular trends for 2020. With this kitchen trend, the light sources are hidden behind cabinets, which makes the room look smaller and cozier. The lighting fixtures are usually hidden behind the cabinets, so the room looks very sleek. The darker the kitchen is, the bigger the light effect it creates.

Are dark kitchens legal?

They are legal in New York State. Some cities may not allow dark kitchens or any type of kitchen that relies on lights. Some states may outlaw them. Some states may require them to be installed on a certain level. Some states may require them to be placed at a certain distance from windows or from walls. 


Considering renovating your restaurant, kitchen, or restaurant design, there are many benefits to dark kitchens. As you might have guessed from the name of the article, they’re darker than light kitchens, but they can be pretty similar to light kitchens in terms of design. In fact, dark kitchens can have all the benefits of light kitchens while also providing privacy and protection for staff and customers. In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about dark kitchens, including which benefits you should consider and how to plan for the renovation.


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