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The Most Efficient Wind Turbines Interrupt The Airflow As Much As Possible


At 92 years old, this retired entrepreneur has designed a wind turbine capable of generating up to three times more electricity than traditional wind turbines.

The clean energy sector is in a stage of unprecedented growth. Companies in the sector do not stop innovating and looking for new formulas to be more efficient and obtain more and better energy from resources such as the sun or the wind. Although the curious thing about this story has nothing to do with them, but with the German entrepreneur Horst Bendix, who designed the wind turbine of the future at 92 years.

The 92 – year – the old entrepreneur has designed a wind turbine capable of generating up to three times more electricity than traditional wind turbines. This is a great invention as it could be the solution to the space and efficiency problems that some mill installations around the world have. Everything, 27 years after retiring.

Bendix closed his career in 1995, having worked as head of research and development for Kirow, a Leipzig-based heavy engineering company. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is something that is harder to shake after retirement, and the nonagenarian has never stopped inventing despite his advanced age.

Beyond the importance of Bendix design, its history is an example of how innovative mindsets and entrepreneurial spirit have nothing to do with age. Few people dedicate themselves to continue inventing for the past 90 years, so these are very striking and inspiring stories. In Spain, there are also examples.

The 93-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has Never Stopped Inventing

The clearest example is that of José María Almira, a 93-year-old entrepreneur who has never stopped inventing products that make everyday life easier for everyone. More than 30 years ago, Almira invented the parasol spike after his parasol flew off the beach, and just a few months ago he made headlines again for his new business.

It is aluminum support that helps people with reduced mobility to change their clothes, a need that the entrepreneur identified after having to help his wife every day. “His mind never rests, he is 93 years old but he is wonderful and with our help, he has also registered the design because it is a really useful system for the elderly,” explained his granddaughter.

“That’s how I am, I go to bed thinking about something, I write it down in a notebook and the next day I start thinking about it to see if I get something clear,” Almira said in an interview. Undoubtedly, the testimony that shows how to be an entrepreneur is not at odds with age.

Advantages of Wind

1. You can have a quiet spot in the backyard for reading or meditation.

2. You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes when your dog runs through the grass.

3. It makes great music.

4. It’s free.

5. There’s a lot of wind power to harness.

Advantages Of Wind Turbine

1. It creates electricity without harming the environment.

2. It makes a lot of noise, so it can be used to help alert people to danger.

3. It doesn’t need a great deal of space, so it can be placed near cities.

4. It doesn’t require any fuel.

5. It generates a lot of energy for its size, so it can save a lot of money.

6. It is a renewable resource

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Energy


1. Clean power. Wind energy doesn’t produce emissions of greenhouse gases.

2. Renewable power. Wind, sun, and water all help us keep moving towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

3. Efficient power. In most places, wind energy produces power more cheaply than other sources.

4. Local power. If you live near a wind farm, you can see the energy it creates.

5. Affordable power. The wind is becoming much less expensive to generate than other forms of energy.


1. The most obvious disadvantage is the risk of death or serious injury.

2. It may cause cancer, birth defects, premature deaths, and other health problems.

3. It produces less than 2% of the world’s electricity.

4. It pollutes our air, land, and water.

5. It requires a lot of space.

Conclusions Of The Most Efficient Wind Turbines

In conclusion, most of the most efficient wind turbines today are designed to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. But, we’re still far from perfect. There are a few wind turbines that still use conventional turbines instead of the more efficient ones. The most efficient wind turbines today use 3 different types of turbines

The first type is the vertical axis turbine, which can rotate at up to 60 rpm. The second type is the horizontal axis turbine, which rotates at up to 70 rpm. The third type is the horizontal axis turbine, which can rotate at up to 120 rpm. If you are looking for a simple, yet reliable wind turbine for your home or small farm, this guide is for you. I’ve included pictures of the best wind turbines today and I’ll explain everything about them so that you can make the best decision for your own needs.

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