CareerThis Will Be The World's First Floating City

This Will Be The World’s First Floating City


The floating city will be in the Maldives, a sovereign island country located in the Indian Ocean. It will be resistant to sea level rise and, in principle, will have the capacity to house a population of 20,000 people.

The Dutch company Dutch Docklands has been awarded the contract to carry out the design and execution of the Maldives Floating City (MFC) project, the future floating city to be built on the outskirts of Malé, the Maldivian capital, to which its inhabitants will be able to arrive in less than 15 minutes by boat. 

The ultimate goal of the project is for the world’s first floating city to be able to successfully face the risk of disappearance due to the continuous threat of rising sea levels, accelerated by climate change. The highest point in all of the Maldives is just under eight feet above sea level on Villingili Island in Addu Atoll.

For this, they want to build a city that cannot be swallowed by the sea. The idea is to start construction in January 2023 with an expected completion time of between 4 and 5 years. The official ceremony approving the project was held last June when a document signed by the head of the Maldives Ministry of Tourism and the Dutch promoter was signed.

The city will welcome 20,000 people who will be spread over the 5,000 projected homes. These will be anchored to the bottom of the lagoon and linked together to create a safe and comfortable environment for residents. The houses will be built on a series of hexagonal structures that will occupy some 200 hectares of the Indian Ocean. Each low-rise residence will have an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters and its tenants will enjoy sea views, a terrace, and, instead of a car park, a boat dock. According to Dutch Docklands, each house will cost around €240,000. 

A City With An Integrated Tourism Model

The Dutch company argues its knowledge is based on “hundreds of years of experience in the battle against water in the Netherlands.” However, the approach that is being given to the project corresponds to the model of ‘ integrated tourism ‘ -respectful of the surroundings and the environment– rather than as a solution for the inhabitants of the area.  

According to the CEO of Dutch Docklands, Paul van de Camp, the home proposal is aimed at both Maldivians and international visitors, who are offered the option of obtaining a residence permit quickly through the purchase of a house.

The floating city will be a combination of houses, hotels, shops, restaurants, and a marina to offer a “dream landscape” with a “revolutionary approach to modern and sustainable living perched against a backdrop of the Indian Ocean”. 

A network of bridges, canals, and docks will make it easier for all inhabitants to access all available services once the use of cars in the area has been ruled out in favor of bicycles, buggies, and electric scooters.

Another objective is to cultivate large and new coral reefs, always very present in the area and now threatened by abrupt environmental changes. “Our adaptation to climate change must not destroy nature but work with it, as proposed by the Maldives Floating City. In the Maldives, we cannot stop the waves, but we can ride with them,” said Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives from 2008 to 2012.

As the buildings float on the surface of the water, the island’s barriers around the lagoon will serve as breakwaters below the waterline, an ingenious configuration that lessens the impact of the lagoon’s waves while stabilizing the structures and complexes on the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions About The World’s First Floating City

Which country will get first floating city by 2025?

1. Singapore.

2. Indonesia.

3. Hong Kong.

4. Japan.

5. China.

6. India.

7. Malaysia.

8. Australia.

9. Sweden.

10. Canada.

11. Mexico.

12. Colombia.

13. The Netherlands.

14. France.

15. Spain.

16. The United Kingdom.

17. Germany.

18. Belgium.

19. Finland.

20. Turkey.

21. New Zealand.

22. Iceland.

23. Norway.

24. Slovenia.

25. Brazil.

26. Austria.

27. Russia.

28. Ireland.

29. Italy.

30. Sweden.

31. Argentina.

32. Poland.

What country is building a floating city?

1. South Korea

2. Dubai

3. Netherlands

4. San Francisco

5. Singapore

What is a floating city?

1. It’s a massive oceanic city constructed entirely out of hundreds of thousands of tons of polystyrene.

2. The city is anchored to the seabed by a concrete base but floats freely in the middle of the sea.

3. The idea is that if an earthquake or tsunami hits the area, the city would be able to move freely.

4. The city can be constructed anywhere, even in the ocean, because of its buoyancy.

5. The city is named after the island it was built on; Polynesia.

Is there a floating city in Europe?

1. It’s called the Lost City of Atlantis.

2. According to legend, it was sunk into the ocean floor when it lost its connection to the mainland.

3. We’ve only recently begun to explore what lies below the surface.

4. Some believe this sunken civilization could be the source of myths like Atlantis.

5. Others think it’s a place where people can come together, live in peace, and be happy.

What is the floating city in the world?

1. The largest underwater city lies in the Bahamas. It is named Atlantis and has 50,000 inhabitants.

2. A shipwreck has created a small island inhabited by seals in Scotland’s Firth of Clyde.

3. On a beach near Santa Monica, California, there is a concrete structure that resembles the head of a whale. It was built in the 1930s by Robert Moses, a Manhattan power broker who designed parks, bridges, and the Queensboro Bridge.

4. The “Sorcerer’s Stone,” a massive rock formation in North Dakota’s Devils Tower National Monument, was built by glaciers during the last ice age.

5. A sunken ship, which used to be the home of a family in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, has become a popular swimming destination.

What is the floating city in Maldives?

1. It’s called Leemalu Atoll.

2. It was built by a French architect.

3. It’s made out of polystyrene and contains a hotel.

4. And it’s not actually floating.

5. It can be visited.

6. It’s on Google Maps.

7. And it’s free to visit.

8. The site is maintained by a local community group.

Which city is called floating city?

1. Buenos Aires

2. San Francisco

3. Montreal

4. Copenhagen

5. Amsterdam

Is there a real floating city?

1. Here’s proof that Atlantis really did exist.

2. This is what a modern-day Atlantis would look like.

3. The true story behind Atlantis.

4. The sunken Atlantis is one of many mysteries in the world.

5. Why did Atlantis sink?

Who proposed the first floating city?

1. Archimedes. He discovered hydrostatics, which is the science of water pressure and equilibrium.

2. Plato. He imagined cities on rafts and planned the ideal city for humans.

3. Sir Thomas More. He sketched a plan for how to build a city in a bottle.

4. Andrés Bello. He envisioned a city that would float on water.

5. John Wesley. He imagined cities on the sea.

Where is the floating city being built?

1. There are actually multiple floating cities being built.

2. The first is near Tokyo, Japan.

3. The second is off the coast of San Diego, CA.

4. The third is expected to be built off the coast of New Jersey.

5. But that’s not all.

6. There are rumors that the floating city will be built off the coast of London.

7. And off the coast of Barcelona, Spain.


The technology exists to build the world’s first floating city. Floating cities are built on a foundation of pontoons and are self-sufficient. They provide fresh water and air to the people who live there. Floating cities are not only a better choice than other forms of mass transportation, but they are safer and more cost-effective. Floating cities could provide a safe and sustainable future for millions of people.

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