BiographyWil Dasovich Net Worth 2023

Wil Dasovich Net Worth 2023


Wil Dasovich, a well-known American TV personality, model, and vlogger, has gained a lot of recognition recently. He’s often called “The Cool-It Vlogger of Pampanga” because of his lively career and playful personality. Wil Dasovich net worth in 2023 is approximately $3 million.

Wil Dasovich Net Worth In 2023

Wil Dasovich, a well-known American TV personality, model, and vlogger, is gaining a lot of fame recently. 

He’s often called “The Cool-It Vlogger of Pampanga” because of his lively career and playful personality. Wil, known for being active, is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million in 2023. Read more about: Chevy Dude Net Worth 2023

Wil Dasovich Earnings And Salary

Wil Dasovich earns money through various sources. His monthly income comes from YouTube ads, modeling, and other streams, totaling around $30,000. Annually, Wil makes approximately $360,000.

YouTube creators in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia make $2 to $12 for every 1000 views with YouTube taking a portion. Wil Dasovich, as a vlogger, earns a decent income from YouTube. 

Google Preferred lets big companies show ads on the top 5% most popular content. YouTubers also earn more from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to watch premium content without ads.

Wil Dasovich Bio And Wiki

Wil Dasovich was born in California on August 26, 1991. He’s a YouTube vlogger famous for his Tsong and Tsonggo channel. 

With over 2 million subscribers, he documents his life as an American living in the Philippines through fun and casual vlogs. In 2018, he won a Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year.

Wil Dasovich has worked with other influencers and friends like Alodia Gosiengfiao and Christian LeBlanc. 

He finished his business degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2013. He started his YouTube channel on November 18, 2014, and uploaded his first video on the same day.

Wil Dasovich Personal Life

In August 2017, when Yassin, the well-known vlogger and YouTuber, came back to San Francisco after three years abroad, he shared that he returned for treatment. He was dealing with internal bleeding, which seemed to have come from a parasite.

Additionally, he later shared that he had stage III colon cancer. He completed his final round of chemotherapy in early January 2018. 

In early February 2018, it was announced that he was free of cancer. On April 15, 2018, updates revealed that he won the Vlogger of the Year award at the Shorty Awards.

Wil Dasovich Education

Wil Dasovich went to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. He attended with Dylan Efron, who is Zac Efron’s younger brother. 

Dasovich, the popular YouTuber, studied business and got into an entrepreneurial internship program. During his third year, he began his own residential painting business, running it for almost two years.

Wil Dasovich Career

After finishing college in 2013, Dasovich, the famous and well-paid model, toured around Asia for three months. When he reached the Philippines, he chose to stay to understand the language and culture. Over time, he developed a deep appreciation for his Filipino heritage.

Being half-Filipino, Wil Dasovich was fascinated by the language and culture. He decided to stay in the Philippines for a year to become fluent in Tagalog. 

During this time, he discovered a job as a commercial model, working for companies like 7-Eleven, Axe, and Jollibee. His modeling career brought him recognition and contributed to his net worth.

After making a name for himself as a high-earning and stylish model, Wil Dasovich entered local television. Experiencing success as a host and TV personality, he chose to stay in the Philippines and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. 

Eventually, he fully dedicated himself to YouTube, putting all his energy into creating content. His first video on YouTube was titled “10 Hours of Walking in Manila.”

Wil Dasovich Youtube

Wil Dasovich, a well-known YouTuber, gained fame with videos featuring his father, Steve Dasovich, speaking Swardspeak or “bekinese.” He often showcases different aspects of Filipino culture. 

In 2016, updates revealed that Dasovich and fellow YouTuber Janina Vela were the fastest-growing vloggers in the Philippines. They became endorsers for Jollibee and performed together at the 2016 YouTube FanFest in Manila. 

Their collaborative videos, mostly about food reviews and interviews, gained immense popularity, contributing to Wil Dasovich’s net worth.

Wil Dasovich started a vlogging group called “#VlogSquad” with YouTubers Daniel Marsh and his sister Haley Dasovich. They’ve appeared in travel vlogs on their respective channels. 

The trio, endorsed by big companies like Coca-Cola, Converse, Jollibee, and Forever 21, is managed by Jako de Leon. Dasovich introduced vlogging to others, including Baninay Bautista. 

Elvin Mendoz, the IT person, handles technical tasks. The squad, featured in a Coca-Cola international ad campaign, has gained attention from many viewers.

Wil Dasovich Girlfriend 

On February 14, 2018, Wil Dasovich confirmed that he and his girlfriend, Alodia Gosiengfiao, started dating. 

However, on November 14, 2021, updates about Wil Dasovich’s relationship revealed that Gosiengfiao posted on her Facebook page confirming that she and Dasovich had broken up.

After Wil Dasovich’s ex-girlfriend, cosplay star Alodia Gosiengfiao, appeared on a trip to Palawan playing the piano with entrepreneur Christopher Quimbo, fans began to think she might be in a new relationship. 

Gosiengfiao confirmed that she and Dasovich had broken up, mentioning that they had tried to make things work several times.

Wil Dasovich On Spotify

On Valentine’s Day in 2021, the well-known vlogger and YouTuber Wil Dasovich started his podcast called “Superhuman” on Spotify. 

Dasovich produced it himself, and the podcast focuses on health and motivation, drawing inspiration from his own experiences when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Wil Dasovich Age, Height And Weight

Born in 1991, Wil Dasovich is 32 years old as of 2023, Wil Dasovich he is a tall guy standing at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (166 cm) and his weight is around 70 kg.


Wil Dasovich is a well-known American TV personality, model, and vlogger who’s been getting a lot of attention lately. People call him “The Cool-It Vlogger of Pampanga” because he’s lively and has a playful personality. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. With his talents and entertaining videos, Wil Dasovich is making a mark in both TV and online entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wil Dasovich

How many subscribers does Wil Dasovich have?

He has 2.7 million subscribers on youtube.

What is Wil Dasovich disease?

Wil Dasovich is thankful for a second chance at life. He shared on Instagram about surviving stage three colon cancer, diagnosed in 2017.

Who are Wil Dasovich parents?

Steve Dasovich and Charry Dasovich are his parents.

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